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Main Building Services

We have been delivering professional building services for over 35 years. The quality of our work is to NSBC building control specification and certification (see below). Click on the appropriate service below to have a look at a sample of some of our projects over the years to get an idea of what kind work we do. We hope that you will find the slideshows informative. Before you start your project we can perform a free consultation and can also arrange for drawing plans to be made ( See below )

Our Quality of Service

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We are NHBC compliant
The National House Builders Council is the leading home warranty and insurance provider and standards-setter for UK house-building. Apexs’ building quality satisfies the NHBC building control inspection standard and each new build comes with NHBC certification.




Technical and fixtures and fittings


Certification Qualifications and Partners

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Extra Services

We are proud to offer our customers, services that add convenience to our core range of building services.

Free Consultation

When contacted we can come out to properly ascertain your job, how much it will cost how much time it will take and outline a realistic proposal. Our fee is reimbursed if we carry out the work for you.

Insurance Assessment

We can carry out insurance assessment in case of damage to your property. Our fee is reimbursed if we carry out the work for you

Emergency Call-Out

We also supply an emergency call out service, on all of our building services, subject to availability, Emergency call-out fees do apply. (Terms and Conditions do apply)

Draft plan drawings cash back scheme:

We can arrange for building drawings to be created for your project. We also have a cash back scheme that reimburses you the cost of this when you use us to build for you. Click on the images below to see them in more detail.
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Press Here To see examples of our Architectural Drawings
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